Occupational Health and Safety takes a deliberate and systematic approach to prevent physical harms through identifying hazards, using controls to minimize or eliminate hazards, and creating a reporting & investigation structure for incidents.

Psychological Health & Safety applies the same principles, but with a focus on psychological hazards rather than physical hazards. It works to actively identify risks and to proactively prevent harm.

Hazards include overt harms such as bullying and harassment, as well as more subtle and often pervasive hazards that impact our individual work, and the workplace as a whole.

In a psychologically unhealthy or unsafe workplace, workers are more distracted, less focused, and at higher risk of preventable injury - including physical injury. There are often challenges with stress management, failure to achieve targets, unresolved conflict, good employees leaving, more time off than seems reasonable, and difficulty returning people to work.

A Psychological Health & Safety Program can reduce those challenges, and create a healthier, safer, more engaged and more productive workplace.

I help my Clients get there by building a system that works for them, building on the work of the Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace Standard, and the 13 Factors that Impact Mental Health.

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