As an Employer or HR Manager, you care about the mental health and well-being of your team. You know that mental health challenges can have a huge impact on your workplace, both in terms of productivity and morale. You want to make sure that you’re supporting your team the best you can, while also using cost-effective and impactful strategies.

There’s a lot of information out there about best practice and how to support your team. Let me help you make sense of it all.

I am a CMHA Certified Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Advisor. I’m here to help you build on your workplace’s strengths, creating a workplace that promotes mental health for everyone. I offer tools, not rules, and I work with you to build a tailored plan that meets your workplace’s unique situation and needs.

Working within the framework of the Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Standard (the Standard), we’ll build towards a workplace that works for everyone. Even if you’re not considering a formalized Psychological Health & Safety System at this time, the Standard offers an excellent framework using the 13 Factors for Psychological Health & Safety. Whether you choose to address one factor or many, you will see improvements in Workplace Mental Health. Working within the framework of the Standard means that your Workplace Mental Health framework will align with the current research on Workplace Mental Health, and builds a strong foundation for Mental Health in your workplace.

My priority is to meet my clients where they are, and work with them to develop a framework or system that works for their unique workplace. No matter if you’re just starting your programs, or wanting to review your existing offerings, or design a framework that brings it all together – Mental Health programming means the world to me, and I want to work with you as you develop yours.

Did You Know?

30% of short- and long-term disability claims are attributed to mental health problems

The total cost from Mental Health Problems to the Canadian Economy exceeds $50 billion annually

In 2011, mental health problems cost Canadian employers more than $6 billion in lost productivity

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada

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